Dairy unit by Guy Hall Agricultural Services

At Guy Hall Agricultural Services, our highly trained team of fabricators can design and make almost any individual, agricultural requirement.

At Guy Hall Agricultural Services in Lancaster, the versatile and highly trained team of engineers and fabricators in our well equipped workshop undertakes a range of new design impliments and repair work. Design and fabrication of livestock animal footbaths, stable doors, feeder trailers, crow traps and machinery repairs  all figure significantly in the work of our engineering, servicing and repairs workshop. We also provide effective on-site assistance and repairs.

Log Splitter Fabrication

Engineering and fabricatingl work undertaken by Guy Hall Agricultural Services includes:

Our team of trained fabricators provides a service tailored to your individual needs. Repairing or modifying existing equipment, they are equally skilled in the building of new equipment from scratch.  We specialise in the fabrication of trailers and heavy duty gates and the conversion of HGV wagon bodies and trailers.

Fabrication Log splitters are in our workshop and whilst we usually have the machines in stock, custom built models can also be made to order. We use high quality steel and hard wearing, high zinc content paint and during the past couple of years, we have manufactured more than 100 machines for the delight of our customers.  These machines are very robust and hard working.


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