Guy Hall Agricultural Services in Lancashire:

for ground work, excavation, demolition, building planning application services, tractor repairs and the production of steel frame agricultural buildings.

From our workshops in rural Lancashire, Guy Hall Agricultural Services provides impressive products and services; ranging from ground works and building demolition, through to building excavation (including the creation of slurry lagoons), buildings, including barns, sheds and all agricultural steel buildings, in steel kit form and steel fabrication.

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Lancashire Supplies & Buildings
Lancashire Supplies & Buildings
Lancashire Supplies & Buildings

Our services and products are designed primarily for the agricultural sector but we also offer important applications for associated industries. Prefabricated building products can be delivered and erection of buildings can be undertaken throughout the UK.

So, via Guy Hall Agricultural Services, clients throughout the North West of England and beyond enjoy a range of specialised agricultural services.

Codes of Practice and Health and Safety:

We follow stringent Health and Safety good practices throughout all our work. In addition and as a member of RIDBA, we follow their own Code of Practice thus ensuring that our customers receive high quality services in all areas of agricultural building and construction.

Please telephone us on 01253 799100 or email us to discuss how our range of agriculture related buildings and services might meet your requirements perfectly.

Jourdain Teemore Engineering RIDBA ACP